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Sessions of 1965

March 15, 1965


March 15, 1965

(Session #AA-25/12294; 1:00 - 6:00 p.m.) Capitol Recording Studio, 1750 N. Vine Street, Hollywood California

Ralph Carmichael (conductor), James Getzoff, Gerald Vinci, Paul Shure, Victor Arno, David Frisina, Isadore Roman, Israel Baker, Harold Dicterow, Nathan Ross, Lou Klass (violin), Allan Harshman, Alvin Dinkin, Virginia Majewski (viola), Ed Lustgarten, Raphael Kramer, Kurt Reher (cello), Milton Raskin (piano), Jimmy Bond (bass), Bobby Gibbons, Allan Reuss (guitar), Earl Palmer (drums)

Note: the first half of the session was unrelated, being for Bobby Bryant.
Note: produced by Lee Gillette after Nat's untimely passing.
Note: this session was arranged to record music backing tracks to be combined with Nat's vocals made for Columbia Pictures the previous September, in order to produce a soundtrack album for Capitol Records.
Note: master numbers appear to refer to the completed master combining Nat's vocal of September 1964 with the backing tracks of this session.