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Dear Lonely Hearts


Recorded 6/19/62 & 11/12&13/62

Nat Cole, Vocals
Belford Hendricks, Arranger

  1. Dear Lonely Hearts
  2. Miss You
  3. Why Should I Cry Over You?
  4. Near You
  5. Yearning (Just For You)
  6. My First and Only Lover
  7. All Over The World
  8. Oh How I Miss You Tonight
  9. Lonesome and Sorry
  10. All By Myself
  11. Who's Next In Line?
  12. It's A Lonesome Old Town (When You're Not Around)

The astoundingly popular 'Ramblin' Rose' led to a follow up simularly styled album. This was seen by some as lamentable, but it was very succesful. As there were other projects between, it's not too big a deal either way. 'All Over The World' was a hit, and some, such as 'All By Myself', 'Lonesome And Sorry' and 'Why Should I Cry Over You' show off his sensitive vocal qualities marvelously.