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Nat King Cole Sings / George Shearing Plays


Recorded 12/19,20,21&22/61

Nat Cole, Vocals
Ralph Carmichael and George Shearing, arrangers

  1. September Song
  2. Pick Yourself Up
  3. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
  4. Let There Be Love
  5. Azure-Te
  6. Lost April
  7. A Beautiful Friendship
  8. Fly Me To The Moon
  9. Serenata
  10. I'm Lost
  11. There's A Lull In My Life
  12. Don't Go
  13. Everything Happens To Me
  14. The Game Of Love
  15. Guess I'll Go Back Home

Arranged by Shearing and Ralph with input from Nat, this set holds a lasting glow. Integrating Shearing's distinct chord approach with beautiful and lush orchestration, the settings feature a strikingly seamless yet advantageous blend of superb voice, piano and orchestra. I particularly love 'Serenata', 'I'm Lost', 'There's A Lull In My Life', 'Lost April', 'Azure-Te'....