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A Mis Amigos


Recorded 10/30/58, 11/4&10/58

Nat Cole - Vocals
Dave Cavanaugh - Arranger
Lee Gillette - Producer
Capitol W-1220 (mono)
Capitol SW-1220 (stereo)

  1. Ay, Cosita Linda
  2. Aquellos Ojos Verdes
  3. Suas Maos
  4. Capullito De Aleli
  5. Caboclo Do Rio
  6. Fantastico
  7. Nadie Me Ama
  8. Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros
  9. Perfidia
  10. El Choclo
  11. Ansiedad
  12. Nao Tenho Lagrimas

Nat followed Cole Espanol with another Latin-American themed recording in the appropriate lingos. Although some find the accents odd, which is hardly surprising, Nat's winning musicality remains the attraction. Perfidia is particularly evocative, with Fantastico and Aquellos Ojos Verdes ranking not too far behind on my list.

The success of both Cole Espanol and A Mis Amigos encouraged Capitol to encore with a third LP, the imaginatively titled More Cole Espanol in 1962, to similar results all around.