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Most Noteworthy Reissues

Capitol Records W-512, a 10" LP released in 1953, was a notable release for being possibly the earliest compilation album of popular music of an archival nature on a mainstream label to recieve a mainstream release. The album was titled 10th Anniversary and the artist was Nat King Cole, honoring his signing with the label in 1943 and presenting completed material Nat had recorded for Capitol over the course of the decade which had not been issued as yet.

After his untimely passing in 1965, along with a slew of tribute albums by notable artists including Oscar Peterson and Sammy Davis Jr., a number of albums of rare of previously unissued material (unfortunately with overdubs) were issued by Capitol over the following few years and a not unremarkable box set of hits and some obscurities was issued by Logines. In the decades since, recordings by Nat have been the subject of innumerable routine (or worse) reissues, but also a number of outstanding releases.

A work in progress so far, this page lists reissues of outstanding merit.