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Signed Trio Album

Capitol had a small series of autographed albums back in the day, called the Personal Appearance Series. To my surprise I spotted one being sold on ebay (perhaps I should disclaim that I was not the seller - I'd likely never sell it! - and didn't bid upon let alone win this item). It was a compilation album set of 78rpm records, The King Cole Trio Volume 1. Here are the pics that were provided with the auction.

A really blurry pic of the cover.




And here it is: a special label signed by all three of the Trio, Nat Cole, Oscar Moore and Wesley Prince.

the trio's autographs

Further, it was noted by the seller: "Capitol Records designed and came up with a Logo just for them as you can see right on the Label, it has all three of their faces as part of it at the top. Above their faces are the words, "Royal Rockin' Rhythm" on a blue banner but you would need a magnifying glass to see it clearly."

A shot of a portion of the unabashed liners.

portion of liners

Label for Sweet Lorraine.

label for Sweet Lorraine

There we have it, or would that we did. This is the link, but you will need to have an ebay account and to sign in to view. Bottom line was that this 60-plus year old rarity sold for a mere $56 plus $12.80 shipping. As it seems (to me) to be a rarity among a title that's something of a rarity without the John Hancocks, I'm a bit surprised it didn't sell for rather more. Hopefully it'll be treasured regardless and survive many decades to come.